California: Contact Gov. Jerry Brown to OPPOSE Assembly Bill 1134 NOW!

Anti-gun California Assembly Bill 1134 was passed by the Legislature and is now heading to Governor Jerry Brown!

This gun control bill WILL BECOME LAW as of January 1, 2016 if it is not vetoed by Gov. Brown.

Gun owners need to contact Gov. Brown NOW and urge him to VETO AB 1134!

How to Fight AB 1134:

1. Click to Call Gov. Brown at (916) 445-2841 and respectfully request his VETO of Assembly Bill 1134

2. Send Gov. Brown your letter of opposition using FPC’s secure Gun Rights Action form below or at

3. Fax Gov. Brown a short message requesting his veto of Assembly Bill 1134 to (916) 558-3160
Keep your fax short and direct; be sure to put “Assembly Bill 1134 – VETO REQUESTED” at the very top

Assembly Bill 1134: What it Does

  • AB 1134 is a direct attack on the pro-gun lawsuit victory in Lu v. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.
  • AB 1134 would allow elected sheriffs to delegate carry license (“CCW”) applications to local police chiefs and “opt-out” of processing carry license applications.
  • AB 1134 would make California carry licenses even more difficult to get.
  • AB 1134 may even affect existing CCW licensees if issuing sheriffs push renewal applicants who reside in incorporated cities to renew through local police departments that are hostile to Second Amendment gun rights.
  • You can read the full text of AB 1134 here.

Assembly Bill 1134: Talking Points

  • AB 1134 is NOT SUPPORTED by the California Police Chiefs’ Association.
  • AB 1134 is NOT SUPPORTED by any individual police chiefs or law enforcement groups like Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC).
  • AB 1134 undermines the will of the Legislature and the wisdom of the courts that “[a]pplications for licenses…. shall be uniform throughout the state.” (Penal Code § 26175.)
  • AB 1134 does not require any public notice or comment period prior to any proposed agreements or changes to policies.
  • AB 1134 would allow sheriffs to make backroom deals with police chiefs that affect thousands, if not millions, of their residents with nothing more than a phone call.
  • AB 1134 threatens the democratic process and local accountability by allowing elected sheriffs to delegate important, legislatively-mandated duties to city-appointed, un-elected police chiefs.
  • AB 1134 does not require any publication of agreements and allows local governments to play “hide the ball.”
  • AB 1134 is about one thing, and one thing only: Saving the civil-rights violating Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department from a losing legal battle.

Tell Gov. Brown to VETO Assembly Bill 1134!