BREAKING: Obama Calls For New Assault Weapons Ban

As if on cue, President Obama announced today he is urging Congress to pass another Assault Weapons Ban in response to a terrorist attack.

I swear, the world had gone insane.

According to the President’s (non)logic, Americans will be safer if they are disarmed because that will stop the terrorists.

We can’t say that this was totally unexpected.

I’m actually a little surprised that it took Obama so long to make his call to action.

I don’t have to say this again, but we CANNOT let a President hellbent on blaming Americans for the actions of terrorists dictate whether we can defend our families or not.

We must stop any action in Congress before it gets traction!

Make sure you sign our petition to Congress to ensure that they do not pass or even take up Obama’s gun control agenda.

Obama literally wants to strip away your right to own a gun as his administration ships illegal weapons to to Mexican drug cartels and terrorists in the Middle East.

If that doesn’t convince you to try to stop this terrible idea, I don’t know what will.

Make sure you take a stand today.

Tell Congress NO to Obama’s assault weapons scheme.

To the Representatives and Senators in the US Congress, 

Do not allow any assault weapons ban to pass out of your respective houses. We must stand firm and defend the Second Amendment against the President’s attempts to weaken it.