BREAKING: Legislature Passes Budget To Raid User Funded Firearms Safety Fund

They’re at it again.

This time, the Legislature is raiding the Firearms Safety Fund, which you pay in to every time you purchase a gun!

And now only Governor Brown stands in the way of this scheme becoming reality.

The Armed Prohibited Persons Program (APPs) recently raided the Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) fees (yes, you pay those too), with the intent to take away guns from people who, according to the Legislature, shouldn’t have them.

FPC stood in firm opposition to that policy as DROS fees were only intended to run the DROS program, making it “easier” for you to purchase a firearm. We also opposed it as we knew the APPs program would continue to be a total failure.

The problem: street-hardened criminals are shockingly not on the list.

We need to tell the Governor that this is OUR surplus, not the Legislature’s and Kamala’s piggy bank.


1. Call Governor Brown and ask him to exercise his line-item veto on the item to raid the Firearms Safety Enforcement Fund  916-445-2841

2. Sign the petition to oppose this RAID and ask the Governor to exercise his line-item veto to discard this portion:

I, the undersigned, urge Governor Brown to exercise his line-item veto and veto the section of the budget that raids my user paid fees into the Firearms Safety Fund.