Anti-Gun Xavier Becerra Tapped to Replace Kamala Harris as CA AG

Governor Brown has done it.

He had the chance to pick someone to replace Kamala Harris that would represent all Californians, including gun owners.

But instead, he chose someone who will literally be a clone of Harris:

Congressional Representative Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles).

While we may not know his stance on every issue that he’ll affect as Attorney General, we do know that he is one of the most anti-gun choices that Brown could’ve picked.

Looking at his Congressional record, Becerra has voted to bankrupt gun manufacturers by allowing them to be sued due to the actions of murderers and terrorists, maintain waiting period laws and put random Americans on secret government lists that would disallow them from purchasing firearms.

Following the San Bernardino terrorist attack last December, Becerra was one of the first Democrats to openly blame guns for the actions of radical Islamic extremists and, as a remedy, call for disarming law-abiding gun owners.

Of course, this is all par for the course here in California.

Kamala has been a shining example of the gun control movement in her attempt to strip away the Second Amendment through fiat.

And her replacement will seek to replicate her policies as closely as possible.

But we have one last chance at stopping him.

Sign our petition below to the Legislature and DEMAND that they do not confirm Becerra as Attorney General and, instead, vote for somebody that will represent the values of all California….not just big-city elitists who are hellbent on eviscerating your right to self-defense: