ALERT: Uphold this Crucial Pro-2A Court Victory

We have the opportunity of a lifetime.

Earlier in the year, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Plaintiffs, including The Calguns Foundation, in the case of Teixeira v. Alameda County that in addition to your right to bear arms, you have a right to the commerce of firearms.

Teixeira was originally brought to the court challenging a local policy that pushed all gun stores out of the county due to zoning restrictions.

What makes this case so pivotal is that the court made their ruling on Second Amendment grounds.

Of all places, the Ninth Circuit decided that law-abiding gun owners are not the second class citizens Alameda County treated them as.

This can have a huge impact on gun owners nationwide.

It will set the precedent that local governments CANNOT zone gun stores and the Second Amendment rights of its residents out of its borders.

But we still have a fight ahead of us.

The County is now asking the Ninth Circuit to rehear the case, presuming the first three-judge panel got it wrong.

Firearms Policy Coalition stands shoulder to shoulder with our friends at the Calguns Foundation and ALL gun owners in America.

That is why we are filing an Amicus Brief with the court, placing our full support behind the pro-gun parties in Teixeira v. Alameda County.

But we can’t do that without the support of our base.

The Amicus Brief is due by September 30th, and we have our attorneys working overtime to get it filed.

Please help us raise an additional $10,000 in order to get this done.