ALERT: ‘Frightening’ Calif. Assembly Bill 84 scheduled for hearing TOMORROW

California Assembly Bill 84, authored by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) would amend the law to require people charged or convicted of any felony, and some misdemeanor crimes, to provide buccal swab (DNA) samples, right thumbprints, and a full palm print impression of each hand, and any blood specimens or other biological samples required for law enforcement identification analysis. Many non-violent or technical firearm crimes in California are charged as a felony, implicating AB 84’s DNA and biometric data collection requirements.

Firearms Policy Coalition has opposed AB 84 since its inception. As FPC President Brandon Combs noted in a letter of opposition:

“Even setting aside the long-term unintended consequences of a government-mandated DNA collection and storage scheme, AB 84 is a frightening reach into a dystopian future that utterly shocks the conscience.

According to the Department of Justice, nearly 1,000,000 modern firearms were transferred in California during 2014; over 514,000 of those were handguns, the simple possession of which at the wrong place and time can lead to a prohibition that would trigger AB 84’s Orwellian DNA [collection and storage] mandate…

If passed, AB 84 could present thousands of Californians with one of the ultimate dilemmas: Spend tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars each on legal representation to vindicate their innocence, or accept a plea deal that results in….the collection and storage of their DNA.”

Please stand with FPC in opposition to this outrageous proposal here.