ALERT: Even more anti-gun bills to be voted on tomorrow…

I know the past few weeks have seemed like a whirlwind.

Gunpocalypse has blown through the Senate and Assembly as fast as humanly possible, but we can’t forget about some of the other bills that are being passed through as well.

Tomorrow, there will be multiple anti-gun bills being heard in Committee.

And we need your help to stop them!

AB 1511 will BAN you from loaning your firearms to a friend or non-immediate family member in need.

If your cousin wanted to try your gun before buying it or if a friend was being stalked and didn’t own a firearm, you would be a criminal if you loaned one of yours if AB 1511 were to pass.

Additionally, SJR 20 is being brought forward by Senator Isadore Hall, the guy who wants to wash your filthy mouth out with soap because you defend your Second Amendment rights.

SJR 20 would urge Congress to appropriate money for gun control research.

Finally, AB 2510 will be heard. We have made some great progress in getting the author to amend his bill. but we still need your help to keep up the pressure.

While all of the attention has been on the destructive passage of Gunpocalypse, there are still a ton of anti-gun bills that are moving through the process.

They may not be getting the same level of attention, but they are just as bad.

Make sure you voice your opposition to these measure today… before it’s too late!

I, the undersigned, OPPOSE all of the anti-gun measures being taken up in committee on Tuesday, June 21st. I urge all of the committee members to do the same!