ALERT: Assembly Public Safety Committee Passes 2 Anti-Gun Bills, Makes One Far Worse Than Before

Earlier today, the Assembly Public Safety Committee passed AB 1673 and AB 1695 on a party line vote, with all Democrats voting “aye” while all Republicans voted “no.”

AB 1673, which previously sought to only criminalize the possession of 80% (and even 0%!) lowers, was held back by the Chair in the last hearing because he wanted to see if the author, Asm. Mike Gipson, could work out the “problems.”

Apparently the Committee was happy with Gipson’s proposed changes to the bill as they passed it through, despite the bill now making even less sense than before (if you can even believe that).

These changes now apply the same standards he is applying to unfinished lowers to ALL firearms components.

Firearms components could include triggers, sears, hammers, bolts, bolt carriers, firing pins, sights, trunnions, buffers, springs, muzzle breaks and barrels. Each of these firearms “components “ or anything that is subjectively identifiable as a “component of a functional firearm”, including any piece of metal or polymer, would have to each be registered separately as unique and discrete “firearms” in California.

So in trying to improve their bill, they have made it even more ridiculous and laughable.

So in trying to improve their bill, they have made it even more ridiculous and laughable.

The other bill that passed was AB 1695, which seeks to send a gun buyer a $1 letter that will be taken out of a fund that is paid for by gun owners to properly instruct them on how to purchase a firearm.

If you read that and are thinking to yourself “that makes no sense at all,” you’d be correct.

But now, both of these bill are heading to the Appropriations committee and we need all the support we can get to beat them.

FPC is committed to defending the people’s fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms at all costs.

But we cannot do it without your voice. We have these two bills now moving to the Appropriations Committee and a slew of brand new bills about to hit.

Sign the petition to let Sacramento politicians know that they need to leave our Second Amendment rights alone!