ACT NOW: Governor Brown Still Has One Anti-Gun Bill Left To Sign Or Veto

As you know, California Governor Jerry Brown signed and vetoed a slew of anti-gun legislation just last week.

What you may not know is there is still one anti-gun bill that will be sent to Governor Brown soon.

AB 857 is still awaiting arrival to the Governor’s desk.

Meaning we still have time to demand that he VETO AB 857.

AB 857  requires a person who manufactures or assembles a firearm to first apply to the Department of Justice ( DOJ) for permission to build the firearm.

It also requires that anyone who owns a firearm that does not bear a serial number to apply to the DOJ for a retroactive one.

Not only does the Legislature want everybody who builds a firearm registered in the State database; they now want to serialize your firearms you may have collected in the past for historical or sentimental reasons.

That means any guns going back 50 years.

If you have a collectible heirloom firearms, this bill will destroy its value.

We know the Governor has heard us.

His phone was ringing off the hook last week.

While there may only be one bill left for him to act on at this time, we need to put that much pressure on him again.

We have very few days left. Let’s make sure Gov. Brown gets this one right.

I, the undersigned, OPPOSE AB 857 and URGE Governor Brown to veto it!