Who and what is FPC?

Please see our About Us page for more on FPC and our vision.

Firearms Policy Coalition is a true coalition of established state-level gun rights organizations. FPC offers an agile, effective, and scalable platform for grassroots activism and to advance our Second Amendment rights. A list of FPC’s member organizations can be found at our About page.

Ultimately, Firearms Policy Coalition is YOU.  Our fundamental right to keep and bear arms is not determined or qualified by race, class, wealth, or political affiliation.  FPC is comprised of members, supporters, and volunteers from all walks of life, bound together by a common passion for defending and responsibly exercising our Constitutional rights. We welcome and encourage people from every background to join with us.

How can my organization join FPC?

Please Contact Us for more information if your organization would like to explore joining the Coalition or if you’d like a group you are a member of to join with us.

Does FPC lobby?

Allied organizations that are legally able to directly lobby will be vigorously defending your fundamental right to keep and bear arms in Congress, executive offices, state legislatures, and in local political subdivisions, like city and county governments.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Due to IRS rules on political expenditures and lobbying activity, no.  However, some FPC organizations are 501(c)3 nonprofit charities — please visit their respective websites for more information.

Why does FPC accept PayPal?

We know from experience that our supporters are at least equally likely to have and use Paypal as a credit card. Sometimes we hear of those who question the use of Paypal by pro-gun rights organizations.  Ultimately, it is better for our cause to receive $97 pro-gun rights dollars in a $100 contribution through a PayPal, payment platform that may not agree with us, than to not offer one of the world’s most popular payment vehicles and miss the opportunity to advance our civil rights by leaving  $97 on the table. Those who don’t want to use Paypal can always use their credit card securely at FPC by simply clicking the credit card payment button; we do not store your credit card information.

Can I donate by mail?

Yes! You can send checks or money orders to: Firearms Policy Coalition, 970 Reserve Drive, Suite 147, Roseville, CA, 95678.